Low-dimensional Energy Balance Models

This project is a python-implementation of low-dimensional energy balance models (EBMs), built up from a set of physical functions, combined to represent the behaviour of earth’s climate through space and time. The implementations of this project are mainly based on a set of publications, especially from Michail Budyko and William Sellers. (For the full list see References)

The project was started as part of my bachelor thesis, Benjamin Schmiedel (2019), at the Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Heidelberg, under the supervision of Dr. Kira Rehfeld, group leader of STACY (State and timescale-dependency of climate variability from the last Glacial to present day).

Continuing work was carried out by me as scientific assistant, supervised by Dr. Kira Rehfeld, and as intern at the Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, supervised by Ingo Bethke. Funding through the Emmy Noether programme of the German Research foundation and the european Erasmus+ Program is gratefully acknowledged.